Rick Bishop

 Who are you? What planet did you come from? You're making too much sense. Are there others like you? :-) Good luck Darrell. I've already sent in my ballot (via mail...that's another story for another time) and you have both mine and my husband's vote.

George Murphy

Darrell Power, running at large in St. John's. Brings a new brand to council as being fresh and a listener. Well, I guess I can testify to that as being a frequent caller whenever he has hosted Nightline or Open Line, he's always had good follow-up questions to my points, and I figure, if you don't ask any questions, there's no sense in being there...

Matt Gauci

Hey Darrell. Put my X on the ballet next to your name today in hopes you will bring fresh ideas, new energy, and genuinely address people's concerns of our once beautiful city. We need change. We need positive change and people that will embrace it. Best of luck to you in the race..

Keith Fitzgerald

Ok my friends and family in the St. John's area. If you are looking for a great shot at having someone in municipal government do something to actually make a change think about this candidate. I feel he would be a positive change and a better voice for us regular tax paying types. So please consider a vote for Darrell Power. If he fights for us the way he sings and plays bass guitar, he will be a force to reckon with for sure. Thanks. 

Jim Feehan

For all those from Gonzaga... one day after Darrell Power and Matt Glass walked out of the classroom, Buzz Rumsey told the entire class that those were two of the smartest and best students Gonzaga ever produced... high praise for them both. Best of luck Darrell!

Donny Love

Please take a look into Darrell Power 's platform. Darrell is highly intelligent, a caring father and a solid guy! I've known him for over 20 years. 
He's for the people! 
Please consider to Vote Power! 
Darrell POWER for St. John's City Council
Donny Love.

Tim Powers

Good to see @DarrellPowerNL put his hat in the ring for politics. New blood with lots of skills. A guy who loves our province. Good luck!

Colleen Power

So excited for you...and for having someone who knows the issues, and I can relate to running in the municipal election!

Kevin Casey

The "PowerPlay" is on. Totally support this guy. He is the real deal - we need that.

Steven Gardiner

I also support Darrell Power and feel he would provide good insight, intelligence and leadership as a city councillor.

Dawn Murphy

Great to see an intelligent, upstanding and passionate guy step up for the running. Best of everything.

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