As a member of the arts community and a founding member of Great Big Sea, I spent a career praising the beauty and potential of this City of Legends. I have been an ambassador for St. John’s and for the province for more than 20 years. 

As a VOCM talk radio host, I have the privilege of learning about local issues from the people who call into the program. I hear about what’s working and what isn’t working. People tell me about their struggles and about the challenges they face. I have been an advocate for improvement.

As an entrepreneur and businessman, I know about the challenges facing small business in St. John’s. I understand what it takes to succeed and I know the importance of having the support of City Hall. Now I want to make the business of the city my business.

As a father of two teenage boys, I need for them to grow up in a safe community. I need our youth to have services that help them grow into useful, respectable members of our society. I will bring my strong community values into council chambers and work hard for our children and their future.  

I have lived in Airport Heights, the west end and currently call downtown St John's home. I have friends in all wards and feel my skills can be best used in the at large position.  The economy of St. John’s plays a vital role in the overall provincial economy. It is important to every Newfoundlander and Labradorian
that we spend money wisely and fairly. We need to create an environment that stimulates economic growth and prosperity, while protecting our green spaces and our valued heritage properties.


I have heard from people all over the city that they want a council that listens, understands and acts. I want to be part of a council that is open minded and takes that very approach. I want to bring fresh eyes to the challenges facing the city. There is an old cliché that you can't fight city hall, but you shouldn’t have to. As a
member of your City Council, I will always to open to hearing your concerns, discussing them with you and looking for the right solution.

My Main Concerns 


The people of this city want lower taxes, while maintaining excellent services. I have heard this message loud and clear for many years.  This can be achieved in several ways – reducing waste, improving efficiency, finding new revenue sources or increasing revenue from existing sources. This will be my top priority! We need to spend wisely and fairly, and seek ways to bring more money into this city. We can’t
do this alone, so I will be looking to engage city residents in the budget process.

Tourism and the Arts

We have come a long way in the last couple of generations.  Tourism is increasing year over year and we have become a dream destination for national and international conferences. We need to celebrate the character of this city. People seek out art, music theatre and dance and food and the people who create it.  I believe this city can make improvements by investing in arts and tourism in the downtown core.  
This includes the creative use of vacant spaces for cottage business opportunities.  It involves listening to the concerns and ideas of business owners, particularly those who make a living based on promoting our heritage and our culture. Spending wisely means placing a focus on the economic generators that help small businesses thrive. 

Youth Engagement 

We need to inspire our youth to be successful.  Programming is very successful for kids in summer programs up to 14 years of age and has a great reward for the minimal investment. The older teens can fall through the cracks and the young adults can feel totally removed from the place they live. We need programs that inspire our adolescent youth to become more involved with the city and become our next
community leaders.

Small Business 

The relationship between small business and City Hall doesn't have to be combative. It’s time for that to change. We need to be the city that is small business friendly. We can learn a lot from small business owners and as a City Councillor I want to facilitate that learning process.   

We need to create a supportive culture, provide opportunities for small business to connect with each other and have their voices heard by policy makers. 


A heritage building is something that we agree is worth keeping and preserving. Not necessarily because it is old (100 years and above), but because of its role in our history and culture. The architecture of these buildings and the history that they hold is what gives the city its character, fosters pride in our community and gives this city vitality. Heritage and tourism go hand in hand. 

We need to maintain our own unique identify.  We need vision and a plan. It’s not about preserving everything. It's about preserving what is important and what can be preserved. We need to protect the things that make St. John’s a major tourism destination.

© 2017 Darrell Power

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